Prudence regions implemented for CORDEX simulations

We have implemented the PRUDENCE pre-defined regions on which the regional climate model simulations could be evaluated. We are still working on polishing the text through the entire prototype. However, the main structure of the web page will remain as it is and will not be subject to any additional modifications. We have also added titles to the web-pages to reflect the item being used.

Posted by Abdelkader on May 16, 2018

Recent updates

The status and the progress of the prototype are excellent, and we are really happy with the results so far. The main features and structure of the prototype has settled, and there are some minor issues that we will attend to in the near future. After that, the version will be “frozen”.

  • We will have a second look at some of the text in the text boxes and the descriptions to see if it can be improved. The text should introduce and explain briefly the specific item, be concise, and assume that the reader is not necessarily familiar with the subject.
  • The plots will focus on the emission scenario RCP4.5 for all models (also for ESD).
  • Difficult to set up “deep links” as URL. There are no unique URLs for e.g. a specific model+area+field that gives a direct access to specific results. A possibility, however, is to save the HTML page in the browser for the stand-alone prototype (not embedded in the WordPress) that keeps all settings and figures in a static HTML file stored at the local computer. This does not work like a shared link, but does provide the selected settings and related figures and tables. We will try explore ways to make a button to get to this functionality, but we will probably not have the time to do so in the immediate future.
  • Work is still ongoing with the PRUDENCE sub-regions on which regional climate models are evaluated.
Rasmus. May 16, 2018

Recent updates of the ‘Product User’ items

We have implemented additional items into the ‘Product Users’ dashboard. These consist of a straightforward evaluation of the absolute values and their bias (i.e. removing the seasonal mean) in simulated seasonal cycle by global and regional climate models for precipitation and air temperatures.

We are still working on item ‘Changes in Climate’ and we will notify you once we are done.

Enjoy the prototype!

Posted by Abdelkader on May 15, 2018

Progress on the prototype by May 2018

There has been some progress on the prototype (which will be described in a separate post), but the demo videos are still describing the main functionalities of the prototype. There is presently no need for updating them.

The work so far has been mainly for the ‘data user’ category, and future work will be directed more towards the ‘product users’.

The prototype will be frozen after May 15 before the training sessions without any updating during the training times. We expect some feedback from the train sessions, which will be considered and incorporated afterwards. We already have some feedbacks that we are working on.

The plan is also to release the source code for the prototype on GitHub.

Rasmus, 2018-05-09

A new item added to ‘Product Users’

We have included a new sub-item called ‘Explore Climate Models’ in the ‘Product Users’ main item to explore available climate models used in the prototype. The sub-item contains three boxes: Glossary box which contains some definitions, a ‘Filter by’ which allows you to filter by one or more basic attributes, a table showing the filtered/non filtered list of all climate models for different projects, variables, etc …

Explore the different climate model simulations included in the prototype.

Posted by Abdelkader on May, 4, 2018

We have documented the various settings, figures, and tables.

We have finished documenting the different settings by adding ‘Help Text’ to each of the parameters. We have additionally added info boxes to the charts and tables, included tips on how to read the various charts and tables including some recommendations, especially for sub-items ‘Global Climate Models’ and ‘Regional Climate Models’ under the ‘Data Users’ item.

The next improvement will focus on ‘Product Users’ to make the sub-items more readable and more useful, and also coherent with ‘Data Users’ recent developments.

Posted by Abdelkader on April 24, 2018

Scatter plots for RCMs now included

We have included the scatter plot of temperature vs precipitation derived from the EURO-CORDEX simulations. Please check “Regional Climate Models” sub-item under the “Data user” item.

Absolute precipitation vs temperature as simulated by regional climate models (Euro-CORDEX), including EOBS data (black star).

Posted by Abdelkader (MET NORWAY) on April, 23, 2018